Site AdministratorMy name is Mat, and I am a Libertarian. If that sounds like a recovering addict, you are half right. I’m not recovering, but I am addicted to freedom and liberty. I am a Libertarian, and I feel that our message is getting lost, or it’s not getting out at all. My goal with this blog is to find that message again, using my own thoughts, and those of my friends and fellow patriots. We must take our country back before it is too late, and I hope to help that cause with this blog.

I am married to my wonderful wife Jen, and we live in North Canton, Ohio with her two children and our newborn son.  For money, I work as a Consultant for a global software company, and for fun, I work as the Public Relations Manager for the Libertarian Party of Ohio.  I am also a co-organizer for the Stark County, Ohio Libertarian group, which will hopefully be the Stark County Libertarian Party before too long.

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