LPO Tuesday Talk: Our Own Weekly Update

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June 8, 2010

Dear Friend of Liberty,

I am pleased to announce the new weekly message from the LPO, the Tuesday Talk.  The purpose of this weekly update will be to provide you with information on the happenings of the LPO.  Each week, one of our divisions will share current events, helpful information, and news as it relates to Ohio.  I hope you will find this useful, and I encourage you to get involved with the Libertarian Party at the state or local level.

The Field Development Division is currently looking for volunteers to step into various positions to help grow the Libertarian Party.  With the current nationwide atmosphere of anti-incumbent sentiment and overall disdain for the current establishment we find ourselves at a premium time to grow our party.  We are looking for the following:

  • Precinct Captains – the LPO’s contact person on a precinct level within a county.
  • County Development Coordinator – the leader of the county.  Goal is to build a county group into a county affiliated party.
  • Region Liaison – provides support to the counties within a region.  The number of counties in a region varies.
  • Chief Region Liaison – provides support to region liaisons.  Only three positions exist within the LPO.

The Time Is NOW!!!  Now is the time to show those unfamiliar with the Libertarian Party that we are the only solution to the current duopoly.  Now is the time to show those unfamiliar with the Libertarian Party that we are the only party that truly strives to reduce the size of government, spending, taxes, and assault on our freedoms.

We can only do this with your help.  We can only achieve major party status and beat the Democrats and Republicans with your help.  In order to do these things, we need organizations on the county level.  We need organizations on the county level to stand up locally and speak the Libertarian voice against the old parties and to prove to people that we are the better choice.

The Libertarian Party needs YOU!  For more information on how you can get involved, please send an email to volunteer@LPO.org. Whether or not you are personally interested in volunteering for one of the positions listed above, we ask that you share this with at least five other people.

There is a new party in town.  Are we in your town yet?

Kevin Knedler
Chair, Executive Committee
Libertarian Party Of Ohio
The Libertarian Party of Ohio was founded in 1972 as a response to the increasing encroachment on the freedoms and liberties of American citizens by our government. The LPO favors a fiscally responsible, socially tolerant government that maximizes freedom and personal choice and responsibility while ensuring the provision of required basic public services. The Libertarian Party of Ohio can accept contributions from individuals, businesses, and other incorporated entities online at https://www.lpo.org/make-contribution.html or by mailing a contribution to:
Libertarian Party of Ohio
Attn: Treasurer
2586 Tiller Ln, Ste 2K
Columbus, OH 43231-2265
We thank each and every member for their continued support, both volunteer and financial. Without your personal efforts, we would be unable to field candidates who can change the course of Ohio and our nation back towards freedom.

For media and news, contact  news@lpo.org
For candidate and campaigns, contact candidates@lpo.org
For general information, contact info@lpo.org

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