Top Down Politics does not work for you or me…

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By: Nicholas N. Burdohan
Summit County Libertarian Party

Posted: 06 May 2010 07:06 AM PDT

Well, what can we learn from the Tea Parties, the major political parties, our government etc.?

Trying to implement change from a top down approach does not work.  It’s the hard work, it’s organizing and promoting, it’s getting the word out, it’s building infrastructure, it’s fund-raising; locally that works. It’s getting people elected!  No amount of anger and sign waiving is going to change anything unless you get people in office.

The Tea Parties started out as a grassroots sort of affair, with a decidedly libertarian slant.  Overtime it was cynically co-opted by the Republican party, and it’s message became decidedly more populist/enraged.  I am telling you; the Republican Party is a Top-Down organization.  You are not going to change it from the bottom. The people that run it do not care what you think.  They co-opted a populist movement, marginalized it and contained it.  So, it amounted to nothing.

Libertarians are about sovereignty, liberty, and freedom from tyranny.  The way that we ensure this platform is achieved is by keeping the power spread out, and not concentrated at the top. Collectivists want to consolidate, Statists want to control, Libertarians want to keep the power where it starts, with the millions of individuals that make up the country.  This is the ONLY way to ensure that our government, movements, political parties, etc. do not become vehicles to do things that we do not support.  By having a strong central power, you essentially “weaponize” the entity, which is then co-opted by special interests and wielded like a sword.

I welcome any Tea-Party participants who want to make a real change.  I understand that there really is not an official platform for the Tea Party, however; I have observed a lot of very un-liberty minded things going on at the rallies. Go to  Check out our platform.  If you can agree with most of it, come on down!  There are some very tough things that need to be done on spending.  There are some things that will take a lot of courage that need to be said and done in regard to civil liberties. We are emphatically for: Ending the Drug War, ending foreign intrusions and non-defensive wars, ending warrant-less surveillance, ending torture, slashing budgets, supporting equal rights (though not special privilege) for all citizens, maintaining the separation of Church and State, eliminating the IRS, abiding by the Constitution.. I say this unflinchingly, and there are good reasons for all of these things.  If you want the rationale, I would be happy to meet with you.  And if you can get behind it; welcome aboard.  We are not here to bash Republicans or Democrats, Obama or Bush, we are not Left or Right, we are here to get things done.

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