Top Ten Reasons to Vote Libertarian

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Top Ten Reasons for Voting Libertarian on May 4th:
10.  Have you ever been to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles?
9.    This wasn’t really the “Hope and Change” you signed up for.
8.    The odds of the Democrats cutting spending at the state or federal level are zero.
7.    The odds of the Republicans cutting spending at the state or federal level are zero.
6.    Maybe it’s time to try electing candidates who will follow the Constitution?
5.    Should the two major parties really be the only representatives on our apportionment board? (Please see a map of the 6th Congressional District for a reason why this matters)
4.    You have called each of the past three Presidents “The Worst in United States History”.
3.    IRS Form 1040
2.    It is easier to do than screaming at your TV for another two years.
1.    Vote Libertarian – Win a Free Country!
Any registered voter in Ohio is free to select a Libertarian ballot, regardless of prior political affiliation.  Furthermore, voters who wish to change their affiliation to a minor party will not be challenged, as is the case when switching between the major parties.  In short, there has never been an easier time to declare “Libertarian” as your political affiliation.
Over fifty Libertarians are running across the state of Ohio, including several in contested primaries.  The Libertarian Party has the first complete statewide executive slate for a minor party in Ohio since 1934.
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