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Hello, and welcome.  This blog is my attempt at spreading the word of Libertarianism.   I thought a good way to start this journey would be by explaining how I got here.  I am by no means an expert of Libertarianism, but to be honest, I don’t think anyone is.  I think that a Libertarian is someone who believes that the government is out of control, that taxes are too high, and that we aren’t children that need to be told by our parent state what we should and shouldn’t do.  But I digress…

From the time I was 8, I was Republican. It wasn’t forced on me by my parents; we never discussed politics in my home growing up.  I just knew that someday, I would be rich, and Republicans wanted me to keep my money! Democrats wanted to take it and give it to everyone else.  That makes it an easy choice for an 8-year-old, I want to keep my money when I’m rich, so I’m a Republican!  And I believed that all through school, and when I went to Valley Forge Military College, I knew I was a Republican then, because they supported the military!  By the time I graduated from military school and went on to pursue my Bachelors Degree in Political Science, I was a card-carrying GOP member.  And then, life happened…

I never completely agreed with the Republican Party, but who ever agrees 100% with their party.  I’m not a religious person, and I felt somewhat miffed that the Religious Right had so much control over the Republican Party, but I was willing to live with it.  What choice did I have, after all, I certainly wasn’t going to become a Democrat!  No matter how much I disagreed with the religious aspects of the party, I certainly didn’t believe that my taxes should be raised to pay for a bunch of people who didn’t work! So, I carried on with the Republican Party.  I even worked on the second Bush and then McCain campaigns for President.  I won one, and I lost one, yet somehow, I didn’t feel like it mattered!  At some point I realized the fact that would lead me to where I am today: the Republicans and Democrats have no interest in lowering taxes, unless it benefits them in the polls.  They don’t have any interest in protecting American rights against intrusive government, because it gives them more control! And, as the saying goes, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.   It was at this point, when a Democrat won the election and extended the Patriot Act, one of the things that Democrats absolutely attacked President Bush over, that I began to rethink this whole GOP thing.

I came to the realization that Democrats and Republicans are the same animal.  The United States deficit certainly increased under Democrats, but it had its highest increase under Republican leadership! Democrats wanted to take my money to pay people who didn’t work, but Republicans wanted to take my money too!  They wanted to fund wars, and pass laws against scientific advancement!  I don’t know when it happened, or why it happened, or how it happened, but it happened.   I decided to cut ties with Republican and Democrat, and find something that I felt fit me better.  And I found something better in the Libertarian Party.

I was never against gays in the military, or gay marriage, or safety nets for those less fortunate.  I just didn’t think that the government should be involved!  I thought the government should be involved in protecting my rights to own a gun, to speak freely, and to not be harassed by cops.  I haven’t smoked pot in years, but I drink, and I smoke cigarettes, and I never understood the difference!  Why should someone be able to go to the bar, get sh*t faced drunk, and escape their problems, while another person can’t just light up a joint, get sh*t faced high, and escape their problems?  (This is a topic we will be going into more detail of in a later post)

So, I decided that instead of being a member of a party that I agreed with about 60%, I would join a party that I agreed with 99%.  The Libertarian Party believes in a more fiscally responsible, yet less intrusive government.  Gay people want to get married?  The government will stay out of it.  Wanna smoke pot?  Buy a pack, pay the tax, smoke away.  And want to open a business, or earn a living, or get a decent paycheck? How about less taxes, more freedom to open a business, and keep more of your paycheck! (Again, we will cover all of these statements in later posts)

So, now that I’ve lost 99% of anybody that tried to read this, let me close with the following summary:  I’m Libertarian, because Republicans and Democrats are two branches of the same tree.  They may look different, sound different, and talk different, but they are the same tree.  And I say, it’s time to cut down this damn tree and plant a new seed.

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